Wedding Invitation Samples

If you’d like to see what's special about handmade wax seal wedding invitations then you can order a sample to help you appreciate their luxury quality and tactile nature.

Samples are not customisable or personalised at this stage, and will be sent to you in a colour that is already in stock to make it quicker to reach you. Please think of your sample as a blank canvas that you can see the design style and quality before choosing your favourite colours!


You can also order colour swatches so that you can be sure that the colours I offer will match your wedding colour scheme. I would highly recommend this, as the on-screen colours just don’t do justice to the real-life stationery. If you are ordering multiple samples then you only need to include swatches with one of your samples. 


All samples and swatches have free 2nd Class postage, and will be dispatched within 5-7 working days at busy periods. 

If you go on to book with me, the cost of your chosen sample and swatches will be refunded from your final total.