Save the Dates- Should they match your wedding colours? Why Kirsten and Grant went neutral.

There’s no denying that Save the Date cards are going to be big for 2021 and 2022! There are going to be so many postponements caused by Covid 19 so making sure that your guests know about your wedding is key! So then the question is should your Save the Date cards match your wedding colours? Do they have to match or can they be neutral?

You may have a clear idea of your wedding colour scheme or you may just be at the start of your wedding planning journey and haven't decided on your colour scheme yet, either way it’s entirely up to you what colours you use for your save the date cards. I find that there’s 2 clear camps when it comes to Save the Date cards: ‘nail your colours to the mast’ and ‘I’m not giving away my wedding colours yet’, and guess what.... both are correct! As you know, I’m all about a matching wedding stationery suite, but this doesn’t have to mean a repeat of exact colours. You can go neutral and it will still match your invitations and On the Day stationery.

This is exactly what Kirsten and Grant did for their wedding at Airth Castle. Lockdown got in the way of their wedding planning and they hadn't yet chosen the bridesmaids dresses, and as a result their final wedding colours. This meant that they were unsure of what colours to use on their Save the Date cards.

They knew that they wanted golden tones in their wedding so I suggested that a luxurious neutral white and pale gold would be perfect for them. We chose their font and this will carry on through to the invitations and there will be a hint of gold in these too. So this way the Save the Date cards will match their wedding colour palette and set the tone for their guests and give them a hint at the quality and the style that they can expect to see on the big day.

Kirsten and Grant also decided to add a magnet to their Save the Date cards, making them even more useful for their guests!

For some inspo why not have a look at my Save the Date cards here and see what style of card would suit you best.

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