Save the Dates - 5 reasons why Save the Date cards are important in 2021 and 2022

As a luxury handmade wedding stationer I’ve seen couples all over Scotland make the heart-breaking decision to postpone their weddings. You may have been one of these unlucky couples and may have been at the start of your stationery journey or unfortunately already sent some of it out. You may have (luckily) chosen 2021 as your year, whatever the case, it may be a good idea to send Save the Date cards and I've got five good reasons why you should definitely consider them:

1. There are going to be lots of weddings over the next couple of years!

Sadly 2020 has meant lots of weddings being postponed which means your guest have probably got a lot more weddings to go to than they had originally planned. So make sure yours isn't missed and is at the top of their list by giving them plenty of notice so that they can make time for your special day.

2. Weekday weddings are the new Saturday

Many postponements have been moved to weekdays to accommodate the extra volume of couples getting married next year. So to accommodate your Wednesday, Thursday or Friday wedding your friends and family will probably have to take extra time off work. By sending Save the Date cards you are giving them plenty of notice to book that time off work.

3. It gives your guests time to save up

2020 hasn't been a great year for some whether being on furlough or being self-employed so by giving them plenty of notice it gives them time to save up. This might be for accommodation or possibly a nice new outfit. Your guests want to celebrate as much as you do!

4. It gives you, as a couple, time to save up too

If you've had to postpone, it may have given you a chance to come up with a new ideas or to change the style of your wedding. You can easily send a simple, neutral Save the Date card, and then send your all singing, all dancing, personalised invitation closer to the time of your wedding. Originally, stationery may not have been high on your agenda, but with a little bit of extra thinking time you can see the benefit. Also, if you've had to change your venue and possibly reduce your numbers then you may be able to upgrade on your stationery and get something a little better within your budget. So please see this little bit of extra time as a positive: it allows you to reassess what is important to your wedding.

5. If you send Save the Date cards you can send your invitations a little bit later

I normally suggest sending your invitations out 4 to 6 months in advance, but in light of all the recent upheaval you may want to wait until a little bit closer to your wedding just to make sure government guidance doesn’t change, again. So as long as you have sent Save the Date cards your guests will know that it is happening and will happily wait for their invitation with all the juicy details.

2020 has sucked, let's not pretend it hasn't, but let's be positive. Take this extra time to reassess what's important to you and make your wedding as awesome as possible! I would urge you to think about sending Save the Date cards and cheer up all your guests in the process.

Remember I'm always here to help just give me a shout. So if you'd like to get your Save the Dates and luxury handmade wax seal wedding invites sorted then please say hello

I have everything designed so that we can work online to get your stationery sorted with the least amount of stress as I know that your are busy. I have samples and colour swatches so that you can colour match at home and get exactly the luxury personalised wedding stationery that you are looking for.