Luxury Wedding Invitations Scotland- How to Covid proof your Wedding Invitations

Unfortunately, for the time being weddings are smaller than we want them to be, even being Micro Weddings, but love is not cancelled and you should still be able to get on with your wedding planning to avoid stress later. By making a few little changes it’s possible to Covid proof your wedding invitations. Here are few ideas:

Organise your guest list

This may sound obvious but organise your guest into the different numbers of allowable guests. Think of your guests lists as ‘minimum must haves’, up to 50, and the ‘old normal’ where you can invite everyone you want. Obviously your immediate family are ‘must haves’ then work out who you would like to invite depending on the size of wedding regulations allowed. Please don’t feel bad about this! Everyone knows that we are in the middle of a global pandemic so won't be offended that they didn’t get an invite to their third cousins, once removed, wedding. This will allow you to discuss the minimum number of invites that you will require with your stationer. I’d be more than happy to increase your invitation numbers if it becomes possible!

Be prepared to hand write some details

I know this might sound counterintuitive as that’s why you get a wedding stationer; so that you don’t have to do it yourself, but hear me out. If we remove the date and time of your wedding but have all the other details then you only need to write this in when you’re confident that your wedding will go ahead. Should the worst happen and you have to postpone, you can write your new date in, meaning that you wont need to double your stationery budget.

Details card RSVP pocketfold handmade wedding invitation personalised
Information Card and RSVP inside the 'Zoe' Pockefold wedding invite

Don’t add your guests names

I’m a big fan of not adding ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ to your invites as it makes it so much easier for you to address and send out your invitations as you don't have to match them up with the correct envelopes. In this situation to Covid proof your wedding invitations it means that you don't have to make changes or waste invites if there are no names on them.

Finalise the details now but make later

I normally suggest sending out your invites around 4 to 6 months in advance, but with Covid all bets are off! If we finalise your colour choices and words (and even sign off on your hardcopy proof) then we are all organised but hold off until nearer your wedding date. This way you don’t need to be stressed about organising it at the last minute. Should you have to postpone (again!) then you know that you’re still organised and that we can go into production closer to your new date.

Digital postponement cards

I’ve made quite a few free digital postponement cards over the last few months for my couples so that they could easily share the sad news that they’ve had to move the wedding. This is something I can 100% do to help you Covid proof your wedding invitations.

Want to chat about Covid proofing your wedding invitations?

I like to be as flexible as I can for my couples so the best way to do this is to keep talking to each other. So far I have managed to successfully move all my booked coupes to new dates, even if we’ve had to decrease the number of invitations needed. Also don’t forget that if you need less invites then you can afford to make them the best that they can be!

I’m more than happy to have a chat with you to see what we can do to Covid proof your wedding invitations. Please just give me a shout here and we can organise a chat.

Don’t forget that I have everything organised so that you can sort your wedding stationery from the comfort of your sofa with zero stress. I work with busy couples from Glasgow to Dumfries to help them create the invitations they are looking for. I'd love to be part of your special day.

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