Handmade Wedding Invitations – How much do wedding invitations cost?

How much do wedding invitations cost? Well… it depends, is the slightly annoying answer! The style, material and size can make a difference to the cost of your handmade wedding invites. It’s a personal choice of what you want to spend on your invites.

Think of it this way: how much is a loaf of bread? There’s your supermarket value loaf and the artisanal sourdough gluten free bloomer. Are they both bread, yes, but it depends on what type of sandwich you want to have, on which one you would choose? The same can be said of wedding invites. So understanding what you will need will help you get an idea of cost.

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Size and Style of Invites- how do they effect wedding invitation cost?

This is simply down to volume of paper or card. If you have lots to tell your guests (like menu choices, directions, accommodation details, gift wishes, etc) then this will need a larger invite like a pocketfold with pull out inserts as all that wouldn’t fit on a simple postcard. Most likely you can have a slightly simpler evening invitation as there’s usually less to tell your reception guests.

Quality of the materials

I use the best quality pearlescent cards, paper and envelopes and have taken years to source from the best suppliers which allows me to create fully matching designs. The papers and envelopes I use range from 120gsm to 130gsm, while the card ranges from 285gsm to 300gsm. I use British made double-sided satin ribbon and handmade pebble paper to make my design even more luxe. I also use natural wax for my seals and create them inhouse to ensure the quality of each one. I offer samples and swatches so that you can see and feel the quality before you order your wedding invitations. Click here to buy a sample of my designs. The old adage is true: you get what you pay for.

Do you need an RSVP card?

How do you want your guests to let you know if they can come to the wedding? The traditional way is to include an RSVP card in your invite so that they can easily reply. This can add to the cost if it’s not included in the design. A modern approach can be to leave them to supply their own (I personally don’t mind as I know I’m going to have a brilliant time at wedding which is totally worth the cost of the card and the stamp!) or even to ask your guests to reply by text or to a wedding website. This option can save you time and money, but it’s a personal preference that can affect how much wedding invitations cost.

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Optional extras – How much do wedding invitations cost?

Once you have chosen your style of invite there’s always things that can be added to make your life easier to give a bit of extra luxury. It can save so much time and effort to have your guests’ names and addresses printed onto your invites and envelopes. If you do this you don’t need to worry about sore wrists and dodgy handwriting! If colour is your thing, then upgrading to matching colourful envelopes will definitely be worth it, but will increase the cost. If your own personalised monogram wax seal is a must have, then I can certainly organise that for you, but it will add to the total cost.

Printing methods

If you want your invites to shine, then adding foil will increase your costs. I offer digital foiling which is a more affordable way of adding luxe foiling to your invites. This is great if you want to personalise each invite with your guests’ name as this would be incredibly expensive to create with the hot foiling method.

They are handmade - How much do wedding invitations cost?

As the name suggests, all the elements of my invitations and stationery are handmade. All the pebble paper is hand cut, the ribbons and bows are cut and made by me. I handmake all the wax seals. It’s not just a case of sending your design to the printer; there’s depth, and texture that have a truly luxury tactile nature. This extra care and attention to detail takes time and does increase the cost.

So if I’m asked “How much do handmade wedding invitations cost?” my answer will still be “it depends” but now you know why I say that. It all depends on how much you need to tell your guests and therefore whether they are simple postcards or more luxury pocketfolds. It’s also down to how luxe you want to go!

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