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Personalise your Wedding Invites and Stationery


Personalise any of my designs to your wedding colour scheme to create your perfect wedding invitations and stationery. 

I offer swatches of all these colours so that you can colour match them in the comfort of your home. 


Pearlescent and Pebble Paper


I believe that Wedding Invitations should be luxurious and tactile. Therefore, it’s key that I use the best quality card, paper and ribbon! Imagine how exited your guests will be when your invite arrives through their letterbox!

All my stationery uses beautiful double sided pearlescent card and paper that has a subtle sparkly sheen when moved.

The handmade pebble paper is deeply embossed with spherical, ‘sequin-like’ shapes, to give texture and light-catching sheen to your wedding invitations. 

 Paper colours wedding invitations scotland.png

*The thickness of paper and card is measured in gsm (which stands for grams per square metre (the number in front of the gsm tells you how heavy a square metre of the card would be, for example, if you cut a square metre of 240gsm card and laid it on the scales it would weigh 240g). The bigger the number, the heavier (and therefore thicker) the card. 

The papers and envelopes I use range from 120gsm to 130gsm, while the card ranges from 285gsm to 300gsm




I hand make all my dior bows from the best quality Berisfords double sided satin ribbon. I've chosen these to be the best match to my paper colours so that you can have a fully coordinated wedding stationery suite.

satin ribbon colours handmade wedding invites

Handmade Wax Seals



All my wax seals are handmade in house, from a selection of 16 colours. 

Choose from one of the four wax seal designs to complement your stationery.


Save the Date, Laurel Wreath, Geometric Heart, or a Rose

It's possible to create a custom design, including your own monogram initials, just ask me for details

handmade wax seal stamps for wedding invitations laurel wreath geometric heart rose save the date

Font Options

Choose from one of the 4 fonts styles that you want to compliment your Invitations and On the Day stationery.