This photo is where HANDMADE by ZARA really began: my wedding day (10/11/12 so we couldn't forget!).


I knew that my stationery had to be black and white Art Deco. Do you know how hard it was to find a stationer that did black envelopes; that had a full suite of Art Deco On the Day stationery; and on a budget that didn’t make my other half want to cry? The answer: very. So the only thing I could do was make it myself. Here began the little idea of colourful, personalised wedding stationery.

In the meantime I continued in my world of Art Galleries and Museums, but it took another few years, 2 children, and a 500 mile move to keep my Navy family together, to turn it into a reality. I’ve taken my eye for design detail, bridezilla worthy logistical skills, and a dash of OCD to put these collections together.


 It was the best day of my life. Now I want to help you make it yours.